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Creating a collaborative and empowering journey together, across your professional and personal life, whilst holding space for what matters of the heart. 

Life Transition Coach & Strategist, Trainer, International Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Author 

Lynette Xia is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF) and a Trainer with international experience.  

The Life Transition Coach and Strategist who will collaborate with you in an empowering journey to create stalwart transitions across your professional and personal life, whilst holding space for what matters of the heart.  

Introduced to mindfulness in 2014, it changed her life as she realises everyone has a choice, we just need to realise where we are in this choice and take intentional action forward. 

With over 15 years of experience working with Oil and Gas, IT & Telco industry based in Singapore, her geographical spread across 4 key continents with domain expertise in Account Management, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resource Management. As a key subject matter expert, Lynette has designed programs and led multicultural teams to drive global business initiatives and represented her organisation amongst the Oil & Gas majors of the world.  


Lead Trainer 

Lead trainer for:

- Data Science to Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Data Analytics for mid-career transition managers and executives.

- Cross-Cultural Effective Communication & Networking,

- Professional Image and Etiquette.

- Personal Effectiveness.

- Deportment.


Lynette adopts an andragogical approach and facilitates by infusing coaching into her workshops. Effectively blending e-learning via classroom instruction and e-webinars, she gamifies contents where appropriate to increase learner engagement and retention.  

On a mission

Lynette is on a mission to create an equitable world of opportunities through coaching and personal development work, she empowers recognizing that the origins of poverty are not just circumstances but also a limiting mindset.    

A believer in work-life harmonization, Lynette works with teams, executives, and leaders to enable personal excellence, strengthen key competencies essential for leadership to thrive in all aspects of life through  Coaching, Facilitating, and Mentoring. 


An NLP & Enneagram practitioner, she is also an Office bearer/EXCO member to 3 parent support groups, a Volunteer with the Women of Courage Asia community. Wife to her first love and mum to 3 fast-growing kids aged 11 to 18.  


Together with her family, they volunteer to help communities in need. 





What people say

Cindy Leong,
Founder of The Enneagram Academy- IEA Accredited Sch

Lynette a passionate coach that is very easy to work with. She holds high work ethics and is true to her values. She's a gem that's hard to come by

Ilona Brunyanszki,
NLP Practitioner, 
Sports Manager

Lynette is very open minded, able to think outside the box, creative and driven. Always approachable and welcomes with a smile. Lynette's coaching skills are excellent, starting from powerful questioning techniques to making awareness. Lynette is passionate about leading the youth and business professionals to be more confident and aware of who they are. If you are looking to perfect your business etiquette skills by discovering yourself on a coaching journey, I recommend you contact Lynette.

Nina Somjindabordee,
Group Risk Manager at
JERA Global Markets

I was confused about my future direction, and it was weighing heavily on my personal happiness. Fortunately, Lynette rediscovered my professional self. She helped rebuild my mindset and focused my energies in a positive, structured and accountable way. After a session with Lynette, I knew where I wanted to go next.

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