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Cindy Leong
Founder, The Enneagram Academy- IEA Accredited School

Lynette is a passionate coach that is very easy to work with. She holds a high work ethic and is true to her values. She's a gem that's hard to come by.

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Teresa Chong

In one of the coaching sessions with Lynette, I shifted my belief from “sometimes things are beyond my control” to “I am taking charge of my life”. After the coaching, the outcome I achieve is ‘I have a say of what time I want to finish my work’. And I believe by keep practising on making small changes, it has a tremendous effect over a period. I now welcome any upsets or circumstances coming my way as I am open to possibilities.While we can navigate our lives on our own, having a coach (a buddy) make sure we are not trapped by our blind spot and keeps our perspectives open. Lynette is a trusted coach who works with her coachees with a blend of professionalism and passion.

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Lilian Ong
Courage Coach & Breakthrough Catalyst

Lynette exudes confidence and poise with her presence.

Lynette was open & exhibited courage when she was asked to take on the role of the emcee for our Women of Courage Asia, Monthly Empowerment Meetings & she is a natural! She is eloquent and able to engage the participants with her friendly & sincere disposition.

As a coach, she is attentive & listens with her heart, a quality anyone would look for in a coach. I highly recommend you to connect with Lynette if you’re looking for coaching to get positive results in your performance!



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