Coaching Expertise

Solutions to fit your time, your lifestyle and your budget. 


Coaching Founders & Entrepreneurs 

Individual or Group sessions to provoke and enlighten. 

Transformational deep dives with master facilitators for private group coaching.  

Overcome the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, follow your heart and unleash the potential to be who you truly are! Establish your presence and brand position in your industry.  

Leadership Programs

Insights to success, learn the 4 key skills to success based on psychology, neuroscience and leadership research. 

Customised leadership training and talent development programs to prepare you and your team for a rapidly changing world. 

I offer a portfolio of development and training solutions designed to support organisations to develop their next generation of leaders. 

Adopting an andragogical approach, she facilitates by infusing coaching into my workshops. Effectively blending e-learning via classroom instruction and e-webinars, she gamifies contents where appropriate to increase learner engagement and retention.  


Training topics have included but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics for Logistics & Advance Manufacturing.

  • Data Science to Artificial Intelligence for Managers,

  • Cross-Cultural Effective Communication & Networking

  • Professional Image and Etiquette.
  • Personal Effectiveness.

  • Deportment.

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Insightful and powerful experiences weaving in real-life stories, backed by data and practical exercises. Want to bring Lynette to your conferences or workshop? I cover and teach all things on leadership and personal development.

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Hire me and my associates to train for your events, advertise on our platforms, or appear on our show - any way you slice it, we'd love to work with you. 

Businessman Thinking



Are you looking to bring out the best in your team? Guide your team through goals and obstacles. Achieve mindset breakthroughs as a team!