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What is Coaching?

Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you're not good enough" - Oprah Winfrey 

  • What is Life Coaching?
    "Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you're not good enough" - Oprah Winfrey I will work with you to stay on track and overcome actions that sabotage your desires, plans, and dreams. Support you through the fear, resistance, and panic that can arise when you are creating something exciting and new, especially when it comes to your primary relationships. Life Coaching is a self-induced change process leaders (through self-leadership) goes through with the help of a coach. Goal is to help you work towards achieving what you desire from life. Life coaching takes place through conversations with your coach – either face to face or online. Check out the Common reasons (globally) why people engage a coach!
  • What can Coaching do for you?
    Become a trusted partner who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best. Check in via pre-arranged Virtual online meeting to objectively offer impactful advice as you implement your plans. Face to face coaching can also be arranged.
  • How many sessions will you need?
    That depends on what you wish to achieve. I ask that my clients commit to three months of coaching in order to see real sustainable change.
  • What happens in a no obligation 30 minutes trial life coaching consultation?
    It starts with a complimentary 30 minutes strategy session where you identify barriers and set SMART goals.
  • What happens in a coaching session?
    Step 1: Identify limiting beliefs. The first two sessions of working with me, we will identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from an amazing life. Before you set goals in your career, relationship or health, start with the inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, habits and how you view yourself and the world. Step 2: develop patterns to overcome the beliefs The next three to six sessions will focus on developing patterns to help you overcome those belief and achieve breakthroughs. These new patterns will become regular habits that you can use for the rest of your life. Step 3: Reinforce Patterns and Achieve Goals. The rest of your work will focus on reinforcing your new patterns and using them to achieve the goals you set in the beginning of your coaching program. As you achieve your goals, we will celebrate your successes and help you set new goals to tackle. Start your coaching with Lynette today and gain the resources you need to perform at your best.
  • What to expect
    I will work intimately with you to create a safe space to co-create positive productive beliefs and behaviours (over self-limiting ones) to move forward in areas you desire. Explore what prevents you from achieving your goals, and with the newfound clarity integration of life both professionally and personally. I cannot teach you anything, only help you discover it within yourself. Empowerment is achieved through choice and control. Step into your thought future. See your goals, relax as all things you see are on its way to you. What you think about is a reflection of your life. Clarity and focus increase velocity and tangible results. Only by looking within and asking out loud what you want, can those things come to you. Nothing is handed to you. You must ask for it. With those requests comes crystal clear clarity.
  • What happens in a coaching conversation?
    Self-reflection and inquiry Awareness building of behaviours and motivations Challenge beliefs Understanding barriers Adopt new ways of doing things Strategize and plan Co-create new approaches Acknowledging strengths and achievements Being accountable for actions and results.
  • Why should I hire a life coach?
    Progress equals happiness, and I can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter. While success takes work, dedication and time, a Coach not only helps you set goals and make an action plan, but also consistently provides a supportive tip, tool or strategy as you make progress.
  • What is a life coach vs therapist?
    Life coaches identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them. Therapists analyze their client's past as a tool for understanding present behaviors. In other words, therapists focus on “why” certain behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal.
  • What life coaching is not?
    Life coaches are not therapists. Coaching does not focus on the past; rather, life coaching focuses on the present, the here and now,creating the future that you want to achieve, offering practical routes to your goal. Life coaches are not consultants, although I may tap into past experiences to offer alternatives for you to move forward
  • How often should I have a session?
    It depends on client’s needs. Coaching sessions usually last 45 to 60 minutes or more depending on client's needs. Usually, clients like one session a week initially to kick-start their development and then fewer as they reach their goal.
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